Process and Pitfalls in Writing InfoVis Papers

This is a paper note of ‘Process and Pitfalls in Writing Information Visualization Research Papers’ by Tamara Munzner. This paper categorizes different types of papers presented in the area of Information Visualization and discusses a set of common pitfalls that recurs in many rejected papers.

A project should begin with a careful consideration of the type of paper that is the desired outcome.

Paper Types


Technique papers focus on novel algorithms and an implementation is expected.

Typical results would be algorithm complexity analysis, quantitative measurements of the implementation, and a qualitative discussion of images created by the new algorithm.

There is very little or no design justification for whether the technique is actually suitable for the proposed problem domain: there is an implicit assumption that the previous cited work makes such arguments.

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Dynamic Graph Visualization Survey

This is a paper note of ‘The State of the Art in Visualizing Dynamic Graphs’ that was published at EuroVis’14. Its online web tool can be accessed as

Data Source

The authors collected 129 papers about dynamic graph from 1992 to 2014. The journals and conferences include:


  • Computer Graphics Forum
  • TVCG
  • Information Visualization
  • Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications


  • PacificVis (APVIS)
  • InfoVis
  • IV (International Conference on Information Visualization)
  • EuroVis
  • GD (Symposium on Graph Drawing)
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